5 Health Problems Your Dog Might Have and How to Help – Dog Health Problem

If your dog was exposed to it by sniffing while looking for the smell of rodents within bushes or in low-lying areas which are accessible to them, they will begin developing symptoms within 10 days.

5. Heartworms Disease

Parasitic worms can create heartworm diseases in dogs through causing inflammation, and blockage of the arteries. The effects of a blockage in an artery may cause an animal to cough blood, and possibly even die.

The heartworm infection occurs by swallowing an infected mosquito carrying young heartworms known as microfilaria. the infection may occur through organ transplants or blood transfusions. The microfilaria travel to the vessels of the pulmonary and heart, where they grow and reproduce at up to 1000 heartworms every day for 6 to 18 months. After maturation, these parasites might produce more microfilaria to infect other mosquitoes.

Dog heartworms may cause number of different symptoms. One of them can be coughing. It is due to air leaking into the lungs due to blocked arterial. Another sign that should prompt pet owners to seek advice on dog health concerns is shortness of breath. Shortness of breath is caused by a lack of oxygenated blood flowing through the affected tissue. Increased breathing speed and intensity can help temporarily relieve certain symptoms.

The best advice is to get dog health problems advice when your dog’s breathing is difficult. Pets who are struggling to breathe may be suffering from stomach swelling. It is because of the fact that the dog isn’t able to extend its chest as a result of the many worms inside its pulmonary vessels. So, less air comes through, and the dog has to take more breaths to breath, resulting in a swollen abdomen.

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