8 Top Reasons to Get a Pet for your Family – Family Reading

in the event of how they react to certain situations.
Pets Can Help Ease Anxiety

The ability to help with anxiety is the other reason why you should consider adopting the pet. Research has shown that when a child has trauma and owns a pet, such as a dog or a cat, it can help make sharing their experiences more comfortable. Therefore, if a family member is suffering from anxiety, you might find that having a pet or pet, regardless of whether it’s your own can assist in reducing anxiety considerably.

Many people find it extremely soothing to pet a pet or stroke its fur (in the case of felines or dogs) They instantly feel calm. People are increasingly using their pets to be their emotional companions. A medical professional claims that pet ownership can have positively impact on autism, anxiety and the PTSD. People with medical conditions such as chronic pain and seizures have reported substantial benefits in having pets.

Pets Can Keep Your Kids Fit

The health of your children is the final reason to look into the purchase of the pet. Though this could be counterproductive when considering pets like cats or dogs that have fur, which can trigger allergies, there is proof that pets protect family members against some diseases.

In a study done by child therapist Dennis Ownby of the Medical College of Georgia the exposure of multiple animals can lessen the chances that a child will develop allergies. These findings result from studies drawn from over 450 kids.

He found that kids exposed to two or more pets as infants had a lower risk of developing frequent allergies as compared to children that didn’t have pets at the home. Kids who were brought up in homes with pets had less positive reactions to the skin caused by in-house or animal allergens, as with external allergies, such as grass. A different study conducted by doctors has revealed that children who grew in households with pets did not have as many positive skin tests to test for allergens, such as dust mite and pet allergens.


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