Are Yeti Wine Tumblers Worth Your Money? – Shop Smart Magazine

Tumblers have been rising in popularity as people discovered their utility and versatility. They are likely to be seen available in shops and online, but you will also observe a variety of prices. Yeti costs more as compared to other brands. But this does not mean that you will be overpriced.

The tumblers from Yeti are a superior product to those that you can find in your local supermarket. Many off-brand tumblers are filled with plastic that has no insulation. However, Yetis are constructed by putting several different layers of stainless steel in order that temperatures inside the tumbler can be maintained at the same level for longer. You can see the quality differences when you put one of the Yeti with a lesser expensive model.

Another difference you will notice is the functionality. A lot of people find that the most important benefit of one of these wine tumblers is the ability to take it to go. If you choose to go with the less expensive alternative, you are more likely to run into issues like leaks or cap leaks. This is more vulnerable to breaks or cracks, compared to an Yeti which is able to last longer than you’ll ever need it to.

It could be worth it to spend more on one that is durable. They are durable and reliable and, even though they’re higher priced, they are a purchase that will last a lifetime!


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