Asphalt vs. Paver vs. Concrete Driveways – Best Online Magazine

There are many options to choose from, including brickstone paver, asphalt and concrete driveways. Every material has its advantages and disadvantages. What you need to know about them all.

Asphalt generally costs between four and eight dollars per square foot. This kind of driveway typically has the lowest cost of cost of initial investment. However, it needs more care than concrete or paver. Asphalt develops cracks over time which will eventually need to be sealed up.

The brick pavers are one of the expensive driveway material, averaging around 12-24 dollars per square foot. They require moderate care because it is common that dirt and weeds form between the bricks. They’re relatively simple to fix if they sustain damage.

Concrete driveways are at the mid-point of the prices, typically ranging from eight to 12 dollars for each square foot. They are popular because they require much lower maintenance in comparison to other kinds of driveways. Be aware, however, that concrete may be seriously affected with salt.

The kind of driveway that is best for you will be determined by the money available and the amount of maintenance you can afford. It is important to conduct lots of research prior to getting the driveway put in so you know exactly what you’re buying into.


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