Crazy Case Ends in Millions of Damages – United States Laws

A single individual. It was it was the case just recently. Walmart thought that a female was a shoplifter. There was more to the story. It is possible to learn more in this video.

In this instance, the woman said that her checkout had been hacked and failed to make her transaction accurate. She was however confronted as she was leaving the location. Walmart then demanded $200 as settlement. It’s not an usual procedure for retailers. She was convinced that she was in the right position to deny. Because of the reputational damage Walmart has caused and the resulting damage, she brought a suit against them. If you’re ever facing a similar scenario then feel free to reach out to a criminal law attorney to represent you in your case. The court did not find any evidence of wrongdoing by the woman in this instance. Instead, they demanded that Walmart compensate punitive damages in the amount worth two million to the woman. The reason for this is that Walmart was known for arresting suspected shoplifters even with only a few or no proofs.


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