Day 1 Living on the Roof for charity – Chester County Homes

The video below shows Day 1 for a roofer who lives under a roof in order to support a charity. A roofer is someone who works on roofs or repairs.
Being under the roof is extremely difficult as you have to provide shelter and shelter to the family. It is where they are able to sleep and cook, wash, and so on. You must also pray for good weather.
The rain usually increases work, so it was an initial great success. He managed to climb the roof even though there was no rain. There was a blanket of clouds in the sky but the sun was shining brightly and he wanted it to last for the whole day.
He was shocked that it began to rain at 3:00 after lunch. The entire house was soaked however, he managed to spend that day by taking off his raincoat.
After confirming the roofer’s approval, he set up in the camp area with space for sitting and eating. He was delighted to get the weather forecast and informed of a bright day. The evening view from the top of his rooftop overlooking the city was an amazing surprise for those watching. The next day was pretty good with a sunny day, exactly as the forecast. roygju12ya.

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