Discover the Convenience of Rochester Classifieds

Rochester ny classifieds

The Rochester NY classifieds have been around for almost as long as newspapers themselves. When newspapers first started running classified ads, it was another way for them to make money; and it also proved to be an affordable method for local businesses and citizens to advertise jobs, sell their junk, or accumulate more junk. Of course, the internet came along and changed the nature of classified ads forever.

Although local newspapers continue to offer their paid classified advertisements, the classifieds Rochester citizens now prefer are online classified ads such as Craigslist and Swap Sheet. Not only do online Rochester classifieds offer the same service as traditional newspaper classified ads, but most online classified ads can be placed free of charge.

Besides the obvious differences in format, a significant advantage of online classifieds is the level of detail it allows to posters. Typically, placing a newspaper classified requires posters to pay by the word, which means most advertisements are brief and may lack important details. Thus, a follow up is usually required if a person desires more in depth information about a job, automobile, or apartment being advertised.

Since the online classifieds Rochester citizens use are free, posters can include a level of detail that you will never find in newspaper classifieds, and they also allow posters to upload supporting photographs. People who scour the classifieds also appreciate the fact that they can reply directly, and anonymously, to the poster of the ad via email.

At the moment, it is difficult to imagine people continuing to pay to place ads in newspapers when they have the option of doing it online for free. While free online classifieds can be abused, it is not difficult to distinguish authentic ads and inquiries from disingenuous ones. With a little commonsense, you will have little trouble unloading that velvet Elvis collection that you inherited from Aunt Dolores.

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