DIY How to Install a Paver Patio – Home Improvement Videos

He summarizes the materials he uses and explains the substances work together to make an even terrace paver installation that will endure through all climate. In every part he breaks down hints and tricks to produce installation easy.

Tyler’s 10 measures include:
Inch. Dig around 4 — 6 inches deep
2. Check the slope
3. Lay landscape fabric
4. Add in Between 4 — 8″ of the 21AA foundation (crushed stone) then level and sew
5. Use a hands compactor to level ground
6. Add half into 1 inch of compacting sand in Places wherever big gravel remains observable
7. Hose down to streamlined part further
8. Add Pavers in selected pattern
9. Compact pavers
10. Sweep sand to cracks then streamlined and then replicate till cracks are full

In just about every step he describes how to finish the step and also the tools necessary for that job for example hints to ensure water run away and drain pipes are correctly set just before paver setup. Make use of this enlightening video to help create the perfect patio paver like a specialist. 3irxkv2l6p.

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