Glass Repair Can Help You Preserve Energy, Since The Department Of Energy Estimates That Around $30 Billion Worth Of Energy Consumption Is Wasted Due To Inefficient Windows With A Single Pane

Glass repair

Treating your car windshield with Aquapel, a non silicon based product like Rain X, will make it much easier to clear off snow, ice, bugs, dirt and other view blocking gunk on your windshield. The treatment serves as a repellant and causes rain to bead up and roll right off. the ease and simplicity of Aquapel makes it popular with Rochester drivers for that reason. Rochester windows with Aquapel glass treatment are an excellent choice for replacement windows. This is a service provided directly from Aquapel itself. Drivers looking for window tinting rochester ny would be best served to contact local auto body shops in Rochester about available tint packages.

Rochester residents seeking glass repair might think Aquapel is only for their car but, in fact, can be used on any glass surface around the house, too. Aquapel glass treatment for shower doors helps cut down on soap scum, for example, and also can serve as an energy saving window film, which will reject close to 79 percent of solar energy, making a room cool and comfortable, while preventing high energy costs. The US Department of Energy reports that about $30 billion worth of energy leaks through single pane windows per year.

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