How a Driver Runs a Successful 24 Hour Towing Company – Loyalty Driver

Accessories g The sidepuller was their first actual invention. It allows vehicles to be pulled off the sides by tow trucks. Chuck Ceccarelli was able to dramatically reduce the time to produce thanks to the process of lean manufacturing. In 6 months’ production times for the side puller decreased from 35 hours to eight hours. The overall efficiency increased by 77%.

This ensures that every toolbox has the exact same features. Each employee has to find new ways to achieve a continuous improvement of 2 to 3 minutes. Chuck Ceccarelli is confident that they will be able to improve efficiency by 10% If they can keep the momentum up. It’s equivalent to $800,000. cash-flows.

The whole process can be completed with no increase in sales by one cent. Chuck Ceccarelli thinks that efficiency is the most important factor in achieving riches. In this regard, Chuck Ceccareli is a fantastic example of a blue-collar millionaire. Consider including lean manufacturing into your plan if you’re thinking about starting a 24-hour towing company.


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