How a Roofer Professionally Installs a Drip Edge – Global World of Business

as a component of their roofing system. One of the most often neglected roofing material includes drip edge. It is a specialized form of metal flashing that is put in the corners of your roof. It is designed to divert water away from the brittle components beneath the shingles, or the metal used to shield your roof against rainwater. If there is no drip edge, the water will likely flow behind your gutters, damaging your fascia boards and roofing decking.

Professional roofers should include a drip edges when installing roofing. If the roof was put up by an amateur, the drip edge could have been missed. Check for signs of water damage around your gutters and at the edge of your roof all over. It’s not necessary to step outside to inspect for major signs of water damage within your attic.

The video above shows how roofers from a professional install drip edge. In the video, an experienced roofer will explain what drip edge is and what it is to do when doing a new roof installation project.

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