How Data Center Cooling Works – PC Patching

Hysical data centres. This video will delve into how these centers handle this type of work with cooling of the data center.

The internet is increasingly usable to the masses every single day. Internet services are getting more complex and growing in terms of complexity. The quantity of information that is handled calls for large data centers located in huge warehouses located in remote regions with lots of room.

The cooling of these data centers takes plenty of power as well as infrastructure. Most are run by air conditioning, which consumes a large amount of electrical energy. The new data centers are being constructed with the most innovative ways for cooling.

Facebook For instance, recently inaugurated a datacenter located in Northern Sweden. It uses induction fans , as well as the naturally cold climate to cool its servers. They still need electricity, but it’s much better than conventional air conditioning.

There are other companies coming up with newer solutions. Microsoft attempted to come up with a way of installing a server in the watertight container to the ocean’s floor. It worked well. To cool the servers, they made use of the heat exchangers along with the ocean’s cool water.

For more information about the new data center cooling methods, click on the video in the link above.


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