How Defense Attorneys Get Cases Dismissed – Andre Blog

This video will discuss some strategies employed by lawyers employed to discredit defendants from wrongdoing.

The defense lawyer’s adversary is the prosecutor’s lawyer. The prosecutor’s lawyer is the person who will examine all evidence supplied by law enforcement agencies to decide which charges they should file against the victim. Following a thorough review of the evidence, lawyers for defense examine the case and find out if inconsistencies exist.

The prosecution must prove their claim beyond a reasonable doubt. It is a very high standard to be convicted, and defense lawyers make it their mission to discredit the facts. It is possible that the evidence was obtained illegally from law enforcement. The Fourth Amendment protects citizens from illegal searches and seizures, and defense lawyers typically invoke it to obtain evidence dismissed.

It is important that you employ an experienced defense lawyer if you’re faced with criminal charges. Though it’s unlikely that charges will be dismissed, they may be drastically reduced. For more details go to the video in the link below.


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