How to Choose a Hair Transplant Clinic – J Search

ted in getting a hair transplant, many are confused as to which hair transplant clinic to go to for their procedure. Robin James speaks with Spencer regarding tips on how to select the ideal hair transplant facility.

Ideally the patient should take a minimum of an entire year to exercise an exhaustive research of the different options for clinics offered. Forums such as A Bald Truth Talk, Hair Loss Experiences, and A Belli Capelli could come in handy since they offer actual experiences of transplant recipients.

The interviews with the hair-transplant surgeons you’ve narrowed down are important. The decision to have in-person consults instead of online consultations gives surgeons the opportunity to look at the patient’s body and assess their source of donor.

It is also important not to be a victim of photographs on social media offered by clinics as proof of their expertise. The best clinics will possess a solid database of previous successful transplants. They should also give you the opportunity to speak with one of their patients who they previously treated.

At the end of the day, it’s necessary to dedicate your time and energy to researching to locate the best hair transplant procedure.


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