How to Keep Custody of a Child – United States Laws

In the case of custody disputes, the transition between one parent and another usually is dramatic. In most cases, the mother does not lose the child. It does sometimes happen. If children are established, it is usually in their best interest to remain where they are. The change is huge for the child. Parents need to be able be able to get along with their children. It’s hard to keep children in the middle. The children being raised should be at the top of the list. It’s easy for parents to be distracted by the chaos. It’s simple to become lost in the drama. Your primary concern should be always to be supportive of the child’s health. First thing that can make parents lose custody of children is when the mother is angry at her father. In lieu of her actions, she exaggerates what is poor about the father. Children pick this up. They can tell when mother is angry with dad, and the reverse is true. Mom could also contact DCFS to discipline her dad. Jury and judge can see by focusing on one parent’s attention on the other. 9xw4z7scat.

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