How to Save Money Installing Custom Window Shades Yourself (Roller Style!) – Loyalty Driver

They are able to help homeowners stay cool inside their houses as well as shield them from the sun’s rays, but they are also very expensive. The details can be found on the video. Here are five tips with clear step-by step instructions for building custom window blinds only a couple of minutes.
It is advisable to measure the windows that you wish to shade and then order customized window shades on the internet or by phone with a reputable company.
Before installing your custom-made window shade Take off curtains and blinds.
After you’ve received your package be sure to check that it comes with all of the hardware needed to mount the window. These include anchors, brackets and screws along with mounting plates.
Make use of a screwdriver or a drill (whether or the nail is that are already there) to eliminate any current hardware that is on the other side of every window, where custom-designed window shades will be put in.
To make sure that the brackets are flush with the windows, put in new brackets (do not stick out). Visit your local house to find out more information! d64hqsx6y1.

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