Ins and Outs of an Irrigation System – Pruning Automation

irrigation system. The timer or controller, the pipe, valves as well as sprinkler heads are all part of the irrigation system.

The water source supplies water to the mainline as well as your sprinkler system. PVC pipe transports this water through the backflow prevention device that stops contamination from entering your drinking water. It then flows through valves through additional pipes.

The entire system is controlled by the controller or timer. The valve is told when it is time to shut and open. These valves are responsible for the control of a specific zone, or location of the sprinkler head. The timer triggers the valves into opening when the set date is met. This water then flows through the sprinkler head.

As soon as the timer expires, the controller will send an alert to inform the sprinklers not to run. The water pressure decreases and the sprinkler heads shut off.

There are a variety of sprinkler heads placed in accordance with the area of your yard or garden that they’re watering. Have a look at the above video to get a better idea of how the sprinkler system functions and what you can do with it.


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