Inside the Funeral Home Service What Happens to the Body – Family Tree Websites

When the body is handed over to funeral home The family of the deceased tries to tell them what to do to the deceased. The body could be placed in a grave or be cremated. Every method comes with its own process for preparing the body.

2. The body has to be embalmed if there is a plan for the family to have an open viewing. This is true regardless of whether the body’s being placed in a grave or cremated. But if the family decides not to have a viewing session for the deceased, the corpse is refrigerated in a temperature-controlled area where there’s no further breakdown of the body

3. If the body of the dead was a stillbirth, all states require a newborn certificate to proceed with normal procedures, as well as the coroner. The dead body shouldn’t be embalmed as long there is no plans for the public to view it.

4. A majority of funeral houses contact coroners whenever a body begins to decay. This allows them to expedite the process of cremation. In a few days, the body will begin to release an unpleasant odor. When a cadaver is greatly decomposed, a coroner may authorize funeral homes for assistance to speed up the cremation process.


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