Learn How to Replace a Water Heater – BF Plumbing Durham


Odell Complete Concrete is owned by Dave. He’s not a plumber however he has recently replaced the water heater in his home.
It’s simple to change the water heater. If you’ve got some hands-on tools, and you can locate one identical in model that your previous one was, it can make the replacement much less difficult. DIY water heater replacement can save you money in comparison to having a specialist come to do the work.
These suggestions can help you when replacing your water heater without assistance. However, if you face a complicated situation, you could have to wait until your time for the contractor’s schedule is set and they will be able to accommodate you.
Watch this video to learn more about water heater replacement and the steps that you’ll require to do when replacing yours. Note, this video is specifically for gas water heater. However, if the water heater has an electric component, there are a few steps you may skip.

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