Man Takes Action to Combat Scammers – Action Potential

F money. She was evident that she did not know the right thing. Rober became inspired to mobilize his vast engineering network and technical expertise. Rober and his partner devised an intricate strategy to both fool scammers, and expose those who were committing fraud to authorities. This video will show you how it was done. This scammers are sure to get caught. They’d probably be considering contact with bail bonds businesses if they were found in America.

Hacking and research were very common. After a lot of hard working, Rober and the gang managed to determine the names and addresses of some of the most notorious scamming centres located in India. They then came up with a variety of pranks. A few of the scammers wanted to take revenge against the businesses. This was all happening. The prank involved the replacement of soap by blue soap. This soap however has blue dye in it that can stain hands blue throughout the week if they used the soap.


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