Performing an HVAC Inspection – Reference

Today’s blog, you will know more about the way HVAC inspections function and the important points that need checkups. The goal is to ensure that your HVAC system is durable.

1. Return Air Plenum

It is here that the return air conduit is connected. The gas line has a flexible connector and should be installed correctly, for it is a pipe that’s hard coming out of the cabinet that houses the air handler.
Sharp edges exist.

2. Adult Double Wall Vent

It is necessary for the attic. This can’t be accomplished by putting a wall into the attic.

3. Refrigerate Lines

It is also recommended that refrigerant lines be monitored during AC checks. Certain parts don’t need to be insulated.

4. The Condensate Drainage as well as the Overflow

8 inches of space per foot is required. If the attic has blown-in insulation and is sometimes slightly messy, a part of the AC inspection is to make sure that there is no insulation and won’t cause obstruction to the drain.

5. Where is the HVAC System

Check that the system has been placed at least 3 inches over grade. It should be raised up to twelve inches of clearance must be provided around at least three sides. gsoqerb96e.

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