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For such a case, a septic field installation is needed. This Old House on Youtube will teach you how to install a septic tank and what it does.

There are a variety of components that make up an modern septic tank. They include the main tank, the secondary tank and various pumps to help move the wastewater. To prevent sewage from contaminating the water supply in your area it is crucial to choose the appropriate parts and installations.

The first tank is where you will store the septic system’s sewage. It is here that solids are locked up, while the rest of the water is filtered through an “baffled” wall to an additional tank. Each 20 minutes, sewage water is pumped into the treatment pod. Anything ammonia remains in the sand will be transformed into harmless nitrogen gas. The gas is later released into the air. To avoid environmental contamination the remaining water is to be removed by a sand filter. lv8yw1awts.

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