The Basics of Golf Cart Maintenance Services – Custom Wheels Direct

Lub Car offers this YouTube video on the essentials of maintaining your golf cart.

A golf cart isn’t the same as an automobile. In addition, it’s not similar with an electric vehicle. The vehicle does feature an electric motor but the basic principles of maintenance differ.

For one, it’s much smaller. It’s also easier to determine the issue. The majority of the time, these issues are linked to a dead or damaged battery or wires that are frayed. In the higher end of the spectrum, the issue could be an entire failure of the motor.

If it’s a dead battery make sure you connect the golf cart up to a charging station or standard outlet. It will power vehicles faster than standard outlet. If the battery is leaking, then carefully attempt to take it off and then take it off and replace it. The use of protective equipment is highly recommended since the acidic liquid could be destroyed.

If you notice frayed wires then consider getting a professional golf cart maintenance service instead of trying to fix it. The motor might be even more damaged when repairs are done by using electrical tape, or some other approach. z1bffa9b37.

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