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Additionally it is a beautiful way to provide darkness and privacy. Window coverings set the tone for the entire space.

There are several key lessons from the video
Aside from that, drapes aren’t identical to curtains. Although drapery panels are heavier than curtains, they are as well more formal and lined as opposed to curtains. In addition, the inverted pleats look amazing on drapes.

Garment curtains are great if you are often opening your curtains as they move more easily.

These panels are used to layer and allow sunlight through while maintaining semi-privacy.

Shades work well in kitchens, bathrooms, or any room where you don’t have or require a flowy curtain.

Use billowy shades to create an elegant appearance or bamboo shades for a warm earthy style.

Pair window treatments to create fashion and privacy. Consider the texture and weight of your window treatment. Remember window hardware like rods – wooden warmth or brass? It’s up to you.
Plantation shutters and shades aren’t the most efficient choice when you want your home to look trendy. oyjtrluc6i.

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