Tips for Choosing the Right Dog Day Care Services – Pet Training Blog

Also, you can opt for dog daycare services. Your dog can run around and be able to exercise them. In this video, we will explain what to consider when choosing daycare.

They should let their dog lay down, but not only do they have to exercise or stimulate them. Professional daycares should give at least an hour of playing along with time to rest. Playing all day can result in injury and exhaustion your dog out.

A balanced ratio between dogs and person should be established within the area. For large dogs, a ideal ratio would be 1:10. A suitable ratio for smaller dogs is 1:15. The ratio ensures that the dog has an individual who can manage and prevent any problems. Also, it’s important to organize the dogs according to personality and size.

Monitored play time is crucial. A person should be present on the premises at all times, with the dogs, in order to prevent incidents and possible fights. Beware of places that doesn’t have enough care for the dogs.

Choose a spot which has an outside space. Be sure to inspect the facilities and verify that staff are properly trained. Pick a dog-friendly daycare provider only if you’re happy with it.


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