Tips for Passing Your Series 79 Exam First Time – Action Potential

You have to pass this Securities Industries Essential exam before you’re able to sit the Series 79 Exam. It is extremely difficult. Here are some suggestions from Knopman Markes Financial training on how you can get through your Series 79 for the first time.

To pass the SIE test, you must be sponsored by a. The sponsorship for Series 79 is from an organization that is self-regulatory or financial institution that is a member of the Financial Industry Registry Authority. Also, there’s a charge of $245. It is required to pay $245 if you fail the exam and you have to retake it.

Over a period that lasts between 5 and 8 weeks, you should plan at least 100 hours worth of studying time. Do your best to study every day for a minimum of a half one to two hours, even on days when you work. It is not enough to just take your weekends.

It’s surprising that only 10 percent of the questions are mathematics-related questions within the Series 79. The student must create a book, prepare the Initial Public Offering (IPO), prepare a mergers and acquisitions transaction, and learn your securities industry’s general rules forwards and backwards. od8qnf8gqh.

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