Understanding Occupational Therapy – FATA Online

d by trained therapists who aid people with disabilities in learning and acquire the skills needed for reintegration into society. The occupational therapist assists people come back to the life they once lived.

One of the main goals for occupational therapy is the increase of patients’ involvement in diverse aspects of their life. To achieve this, occupational therapists utilize various therapeutic methods, such as performing specific task-specific activities, training in everyday living, as well as detection and correction of cognitive deficits. Therapy could aid with pain management as well as spasticity.

The main function of occupational therapy to people who have disabilities is to help them build their motor and sensory abilities to enable them to manage their lives independently. Although the service incorporates different tactics and methods, the common goal of occupational therapists ‘ is to boost the capabilities for their clients to go back to their previous lifestyles.


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