Want a Job in Rochester? Do You Need Some Services?

Rochester classified

When is the last time you sat down with a cup of coffee and the morning paper to peruse the classified Rochester page? If it has been awhile, you are truly missing out. The Rochester NY classifieds have some of the best things in there. No matter what you need, you are sure to find it, even if you did not know that you needed it when you first started looking!

  • Jobs
  • This is the classic classified fare. You can find jobs in the Rochester NY classified ad that you will not find anywhere else, job board or otherwise. Sometimes you can find really eclectic, bizarre jobs, like babysitting a llama while its owners are on vacation, but you can most often find legitimate, reasonable jobs. These jobs may be one-shots, but they could also lead you on to a whole new career that you may not have otherwise considered or been exposed to.

  • Stuff for Sale
  • This is one of the most diverse categories you can find in the Rochester NY classifieds. It can range from pets, to houses, to vehicles, to vacuums. But it is never always that normal. There is always something weird in there, which is fascinating, but also really handy sometimes.

    People have been known to sell a coffin, a set of 10 garbage pails, and even a collection of Venetian blinds. You can find lists of garage sales going on in the area, property for rent, and even lists of what people themselves are looking to buy.

  • Services
  • And yet one more helpful, informative, and often bizarre, aspect of the Rochester classifieds, is the services that people are offering. You can see your standard stump grinding, metal removal, or vacuum repair.

    But one of my personal favorite ads is the one that announces that the sewing machine repairman is going to be in town soon, like he is a traveling snake oil salesman, and we should all head out to meet him at his covered wagon. That being said, he is actually a great resource to get your sewing machine fixed.

I would certainly think that that was enough information to get you to check out the classified pages the next time you get the newspaper. Even if you do not need a job, a service, or something to buy, flip open to the page anyway. You just might find the deal of a lifetime.

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