What is Pollution Liability? – Insurance Claim Process

example. For instance, this type of coverage could be needed in your particular industry. In this post we will explore the subject of pollutant liability.

As a whole, pollution liability insurance isn’t usually included in many insurance packages. This isn’t an choice for most. It is also possible for pollution to be unintentional. A good example is: you didn’t realize the soil was infected prior to the time you constructed a structure, therefore you dug up the soil and released pollutants.

Another source of contamination which could be caused is the leakage of oil through machinery. There are many massive machines needed for all sorts of different construction reasons. If the equipment were to spill oil and fell into the soil you could be in trouble for pollution reasons.

In general, the issue of pollution liability isn’t something people are thinking about all the time. While it’s not often on our radars, it’s an important piece of coverage.


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