What Should You Consider When Buying a Used RV? – Car Talk Radio

Are you uncertain about what’s warning signs? Or what should be the next thing to do before you make a purchase? Below are a few points you’ll want to be aware of prior to purchasing.
One of the first things you’ll want to ask about is when the car was last seen on the road. It’s likely that it’s left in the driveway of a stranger or in a camping area for a long period of time some point. If you’re considering using the RV on a frequent basis, then it’s important to understand how road-worthy it is. A vehicle that’s been on some road trips, but isn’t used for a several months may be a much better bet over one that’s been at a garage or the yard of a neighbor for a year or more.
Damage to the water is another issue you should be looking out for. Because RVs can be found everywhere in any weather and conditions, it’s vital to make sure there’s not any damage to the water before purchasing. This is particularly important when you’re looking to purchase a camping vehicle to tow behind your vehicle. A few of them have wood bases which are more prone to water damage and decay. vjdr3msfkk.

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