What You Need To Know About Orthodontics – Do I Need Braces?


treatment. Relieve soreness by eating soft foods, or saltwater rinses.

Braces were typically connected to every tooth one at a.m. but different practices follow the exact procedure.

Length of Treatment

Every individual is special when it comes to the decision to be fitted with braces. The degree of misalignment is the number one determinator of the duration of treatment.


Soft foods are your best friend during your orthodontic treatment. You should avoid the sticky, chewy food items, and break your food into smaller pieces, so that your brackets have less chance to be damaged by chewing big chunks.


At this point the best thing to do is regularly check your dental health at the dentist’s office you are used to. Maintaining proper oral hygiene habits is vital for your overall health, even when you’re seeing an orthodontist.

If you want to learn more about the procedures involved from orthodontics, you can follow along through the video and then contact an orthodontic specialist near you!


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