Whats the Difference Between Jail and Prison? – Web Lib

Most jails are smaller than prisons. They’re generally run by local governments. Most of the time the jails are filled with individuals who were arrested in connection with minor crimes like misdemeanors. A majority of the times it is under a year. People are often held who cannot post bail.

Prisons differ from one another they are not the same, there are no individuals who are only guilty of minor offenses in this. Prisons typically are filled with committed criminals. The criminals in prison have been sentenced of felonies that could even be more serious. They are usually run through federal or state government agencies. Federal authorities often house people who have taken bank accounts and have committed similar crimes. This makes the state prisons more risky, since they tend to be where the most violent offenders are. Both federal and state facilities could have minimum or high security depending on the particular location. In general, prisons that have minimum security tend to be higher-end and are more similar to adult-only camps than prisons. kjfdcgdjgx.

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