Why Artificial Grass Is Better for Athletes – Funny Sports Videos

Artificial turf is currently being replaced by more modern designs. The price of synthetic turf in comparison to grass fields is one the main factors that work to its advantage. Turf is usually cheaper than grass, and requires less upkeep.

Universities, schools, and schoolyards that have natural grass fields need to use pesticides to preserve their appearance during the entire year. Artificial turf does not require such chemicals. Artificial grass’ chemical character is a major issue however. The majority of turf manufacturers employ tiny rubber crumbs to cushion the fake grass, sustain it, and give it an more natural feel. The rubber pellets, which typically come from the discarded motor tires, could be dangerous to the health of the person who is using them. These particles could get in contact with the skin and hair of athletes, which could lead to breathing problems and ingestion as well as other forms of physical contact. This video will offer more information.


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